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Peter Balfour January 22, I'm having, 'unable to locate hardware. Click OK when the hardware is ready' It is plugged in and turned on. IO am using win7 ultimate 64bit with an AMD fx 8core processor. J Sandeen January 23, You are using a EIE Pro, correct? What driver version are you suing? Peter Balfour January 23, I can see the M track quad through control panel as a playback sound option.

This forum is for Akai Pro products. Natacha Machado January 23, I don't know what is a EIE Pro.

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Mac OS X or higher (Leopard); DVD drive required for Pro Tools LE Inc. released new versions of the iMac, Mac mini, Mac Pro and MacBook Pro. . Pro Tools LE software requires Mac OS X , , , or Windows Compatibility and Upgrade Information for Pro Tools; Mac . (LE, MP), ,, Windows XP SP3, Vista* SP2.

Is the first time I trying to do my home studio. And is very hard to find anything about M-Audio, expecially in portuguese i'm brasilian. But when I go in my sound option, i can see the interface. I could already solve the problem of message when you open Pro Tools. It was necessary to download and install the drive it, which I did not know they already deduced that occurred when installing with the CD. You bet. Basil April 24, This info might help. I have a mbox mini 2 3rd generation. Had the same problems. Unable to locate hardware etc. I have windows 7. Important steps. Unplug usb from computer.

Turn on computer. In back of mbox on the left side of mbox press the two buttons on left in, third button should be out. Plug in usb cable to mbox.

This should solve playback problems as well as unable to locate hardware problems. If you get a "unknown device" message press the two buttons on back left of mbox out. For recording, press second button in back of mbox on left out middle button , turn mix button to input. Dan R Employee April 25, Ralph Morales March 06, That still didn't work 4 me all I did was unhook an move studio an it started saying Unable to locate hardware. Please Help. Brendan Anders June 30, That's the same here - I moved and now nothing works.

Thomas J February 05, Hey Natacha are you still experiencing the same issues with Pro Tools..

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Emmanuel Owiti March 22, I have the same problem here on Windows7 But on playback sound it is okay I need help. Pro tools le 8. Junior DaCommission Alvarez February 05, J Sandeen February 06, This will tell us if MIDI is making it to your computer — ensuring a proper connection. Buddy Chuderewicz April 04, I'm experiencing the same unable to locate hardware issue..

I'm so frustrated..

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I get past one issue just to come to another.. I've been determined.. I've kept motivated to get started and as i read in another post on here that someone feels like they wasted their money? As much as i don't want to admit that I'm growing further discouraged and don't know what to do Dan R Employee April 04, Hello Buddy, Thanks for posting and I'm sorry to hear you're having trouble.

We can figure it out!

Is my Mac too old to update?

Which product did you get Pro Tools Express with? Are you using a Mac or PC? Which operating system version? Let me know and I'd be happy to help! Hadim Jobe April 15, Im having the exact same problem. Im using it with a Macbook pro. I've tried reinstall the drivers and Pro tools. It does find my Mpc Renaissance as hardware tho. Dan R Employee April 16, You are receiving the "Unable to locate hardware" message and Pro Tools will not open? Hadim Jobe April 16, Its version And yes its the "Unable to locate hardware message".

But if I'm only running the EIE, it wont start. So I don't think its a manufacture problem. Buddy Chuderewicz July 10, Dan R Employee July 11, Hello Buddy, Sorry to hear you're having trouble!

Choosing the Right CPU (aka Processor)

By sticking to prebuilt computers you can avoid paying these crazy prices and use your money elsewhere in your studio. But those requirements are just the minimum for Pro Tools in In the future, with new versions of the software, those requirements are likely to go higher and higher as the software gets faster and more resource intensive.

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Another cool feature of the iMac computer is that you can order it with a fusion drive. But you should be able to achieve tolerable performance. Option 3 - Purchase an iMac. The best way to think about RAM is that the more the better. Viewed 1k times.

If you ever wondered why adding endless numbers of reverb plug-ins freeze up your session, you should read this twice: all those plug-ins, all the real time automation, everything that happens inside of Pro Tools depend on the processor. Some plug-ins consume little resources while other consume a lot - reverb plug-ins are a good example of ones which consume a lot CPU power. If you ever start to work with mid-sized to large sessions you will definitely need at least an i5 processor.

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If you work on larger sessions then having an i7 will provide a noticeable benefit. They sound like marketing gimmicks but they are real features that have real world performance boosts. Don't spend too much time trying to understand exactly what each one means but just know that they'll make your computer faster and more pleasurable to use. This isn't usually true with computer parts.

Switching from Pro Tools to Logic Pro X: Bad Idea or Worst Idea Ever?

You can't really add more processors or more graphics cards. But RAM is one of the components where you should buy as much as you can fit in your budget. The best analogy is a library. Your hard drive is like the shelves in a library. It can hold a ton of data just like a library can hold a ton of books. But if you want to find an individual book you have to walk all the way to the back shelf and look for that book. It takes a long time. RAM is like the shelf at the front desk that shows the featured books or new releases. You can easily choose from any of the books they have there and quickly switch between them.

RAM works the same way by storing frequently used programs or recent data in memory. This allows the processor to go back quickly to the RAM and grab that data instead of going to the hard drive and waiting much longer to return the information. The more plugins you have, the more RAM you need to keep your computer from slowing down. One of the areas where desktop computers have the biggest advantage over laptops is in the connection options. Desktops are much larger and the motherboards on the market have a huge range of options for what ports they offer.

Most desktop builds on the market have at least 8 USB ports, video ports usually a combination of HDMI and Displayport , 1 ethernet port, and mic and line out ports. If you have specific needs for your studio like firewire or eSATA, make sure you find a motherboard that has those ports. Every studio setup is different and in the same way that you'd future proof your desktop by adding more RAM or a faster processor, you should choose a motherboard with connectivity options that will meet your needs in the future.

You'll inevitably want to expand your setup later on and you'll find yourself restricted if you didn't plan ahead and build that extra capability into your machine from the get go. Up until the last years, computers came with HDDs, hard disk drives. These were spinning discs that would store the information and they were very slow. When solid state hard drive s SSDs came along they brought a huge speed increase. If HDDs were like the books on a library shelf from the analogy we used earlier, then SSDs were like having Usain Bolt as your librarian running back and forth to retrieve the information.

Older Macs just don't have the necessary components or power required to cope with the demands of the more modern systems. So if you do install Catalina, or any recent version of macOS on an old Mac, be it Mojave, High Sierra, Sierra or something else, don't expect it to run smoothly. Hoping to update your Mac with the latest version of macOS? Officially it might be too old to run the updated software. This means that if your Mac is older than it won't officially be able to run Catalina or Mojave. In the case of Catalina that includes all the old-style Mac Pro models, pre-'trash can'. We have a macOS compatibility checker here , so you can see which versions of macOS your Mac should be able to run. However, despite this it is possible to run newer macOS versions on older Macs thanks to a patcher created by a developer. Although you should expect to encounter problems. This hack doesn't work with every Mac, but many are covered.

You can see if your Mac is supported here.