How to add templates to powerpoint 2011 mac

Templates for Mac PowerPoint 2011

Click OK if you know you will be printing it on large format printer that can print at your desired size.

How to Save as a Template in Office 2011 for Mac

To make your workspace less cluttered, you may want to remove the slide thumbnails and a notes panes from your document window. You can do this by dragging the handles on the edges of these areas to the left and to the bottom, as shown below. Here is the way the work area looks without the thumbnails and notes window panes:.

Posters are typically made up of a combination of text, graphics lines, shapes, diagrams, charts , and images. To add text, insert a text box by clicking on the Text Box icon under Insert on the Home tab :.

Create templates in Power Point Mac

Click and drag on the poster to add the text box. Then you can either type to add text, or you can copy and paste text from another application such as Microsoft Word.

You can change the position of the text box as well as its dimensions by clicking and dragging on the text box handles. If you have a text box with a large amount of text, you can format it into multiple columns by selecting the text box, then clicking on the dropdown menu columns icon under Paragraph in the Home tab. Also, you can choose "Column Options To add lines and shapes, click on the Lines and Shapes icon under Insert and choose a line or shape type. Then click and drag to create the line or shape on your poster. Once you have created a shape, you can easily change it by choosing options under "Format" in the Home tab, as shown below. To apply options to a selected object, click the icon for Quick Styles, the paint bucket for object fills , or the line style.

If you have selected multiple overlapping objects on your poster, you can change the order top to bottom in which they appear by selecting one or more of the objects and then clicking on the Arrange icon.

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If you have multiple objects selected, you can align them by choosing Arrange, then Align in the Home tab or by clicking Align on the Format tab. In PowerPoint for Mac , when you select a shape by clicking on it a Format Shape panel appears on the right side of the window. You can edit the shape by clicking on the Change Shape icon on the left side of the toolbar. To insert a picture, click the picture icon under Insert on the Home tab.

Then browse to find the image you want.

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Once you insert the image you can easily reposition or resize it by clicking on its handles. The Picture Format tab gives you several options for pictures, including Quick Styles borders and Artistic Effects, shown below. You can alter and add effects to your picture in various ways, including:. Adding a border or shadow.

Applying Themes in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint 2011 for Mac

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PowerPoint: Add Text To A Slide During A Presentation

In the Format drop-down list, choose the appropriate template and then click the Save button. Through Macros feature you will be able to make more cohesive presentations. We are presentation experts. Related 1. The formatting is already complete; you add what you want to the template and then save it as a document, presentation, or workbook. Thanks for the "internationalization". If you are not currently connected to a large format printer, the following dialog box may appear.

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